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Sitting at the computer: Balance Ball??

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  • Sitting at the computer: Balance Ball??

    I am thinking that a balance ball as a chair might be the thing for me to work at the computer. Looking for others' experiences in using Just a ball vs. using a chair like this one from Gaiam
    Gaiam Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair - Black : Target

    How do you figure out which size you will need? Is it better with the wheels thing underneath it (I'm on a wooden floor, so rolling around could be nice and maybe it's better to not have to adjust the ball). Also, I'm thinking that I WANT more movement so that not having the convenience of the wheels would be a good thing. Moving to adjust would be a good thing.

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    Get the ball and screw the rest. shorter 65cm taller 75+cm
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      These balls are rubber or vinyl so you may find your butt can get very sweaty. I found I could only sit for about 15 minues at a time before I had to get up and air out the cheeks. You can also slouch just as much on a ball as on any chair.

      If you do get one it is recommeneded to start with a short time like 15 to 30 minutes and gradually add more time each day. It can take a while for some people to get used to. YMMV.



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        Agree with twa2w. It can take time to get used to using them properly, and slouching is a danger - you will need to keep a check on your posture. I've often seen them horribly misused, and the sitter would have been better off in an ergonomic chair with decent back support. Plus be aware they can end up being bloody annoying if you need to get up and down from your desk often, and they do like to roam away while you're not looking ...

        But if it's just for intermittent home computer use and not for hours on end, go for it. I like to sit/wriggle around on mine while watching TV. A little core work + entertainment, all in one package.

        I utterly fail to see the point of the ball-chair-with-wheels. That's simply eliminating the most important aspect of sitting on A BALL.
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          Forget the ball, and stand up!

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            I haven't used one for working, but I can tell you the hospital I work in very recently put out a ban on them for offices. Our employee occupational health department (which handles ergonomics and such) has stated they are causing problems for people who use them.