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Fun Primal weekend in Portland, OR

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  • Fun Primal weekend in Portland, OR

    I am so envious of you who live in Portland! I just spent 4 days in Primal heaven. Between the restaurants, food carts, grocery stores and farmer's market fare...

    Is there a place here where we share our finds in particular cities? Where we can post where we live and what Primal resources are around us? Would be perfect for those of us who travel:

    Portland: YUM.

    1. Cultured Caveman (food truck)

    2. Dick's Kitchen (3312 SE Belmont)

    3. Heidi Ho Organics (soy free vegan chipotle 'cheese' was good)

    4. Divine Pie Portland (at farmer's market) *great* paleo chocolate fudge!

    5. Cacao (can I just say OH MY GOD) raw chocolate/soy free chocolate 414 SW 13th St

    I actually found some great brownie bites at Whole Foods that seemed Primal. Interestingly, they were called Hash Brownie Bites (well, HSH brownie) which made them more fun.

    Let me know if I can find a Forum section to share and find. Thanks. Portland was so wonderful, I only had to eat 1 of my Primal Pacs in the entire long weekend (and that was on the plane).
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