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  • Helping Grandma start PB...

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for helping my grandma (76, some BP issues, maybe 30 lbs of excess weight) start out... I've been hanging out with her for the past week or so and she said she's finally convinced I'm not too skinny and is surprised I'm eating so much . She wants to give ditching grains at least a try, though seems too hesitant on the eating fat part (though she at least has been giving the fat off her steak to me!) I also seem to have gotten her to seriously reconsider the calcium supplements the Dr. decided to just put her on because he detected some lessened bone density...

    I was thinking maybe Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat" as a pretty easy read with simple guides. I might go ahead and send her the food guides in back at least to start with...

    Any other suggestions, similar experiences??? Thanks...

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    Just a little extra background, my grandma is pretty active now, got some great grandkids around she helps take care off, and not that into long scientific explanations though she likes reading a good yarn (Louis Lamour, for example ). That's why I'm thinking something shorter, simpler and more well-written!


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      I'll be 70 in February. And I have refused to go whole primal. (I eat some potatoes, rice, organic corn, beans and more nuts than recommended. I also drink milk. And I eat peanut butter.) I am doing very well. Remember that someone only has to do 80% to benefit from primal. Here's a blog I wrote.
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        Thanks Hedonist! Can't wait to check it out!

        I also don't really sweat potatoes especially and I'll also eat rice and corn if it ends up on my plate, but after not eating beans for about a year and a half (don't really exist in Mongolia at all) they really really piss my digestive system off. Also I eat tons of dairy though its frustrating as hell trying to get full-fat yogurt at this point.


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          love the first thing on your page too I saw about root vegetables over big ass salads


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            Do some research on vitamin K2 for the bone density. Ask her about what she grew up with--butter or margarine? Primal might be for her going back to an approach to food she grew up with, or she may have grown up just as processed foods were an exciting convenience. Work on breakfast alternatives with her--that may be where grains are hardest to give up. I like the convenience of a smoothie. I put kefir and eggs in mine (raw yolks, cooked whites), no protein powder.
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              The first (and easiest) switch to make would be replacing industrial seed oils with butter, coconut oil, lard, tallow, bacon fat and olive oil. No change in the amount of fat, just the quality. Saturated fat is essential for brain function, and seniors and kids can use all the tricks in the book to stay sharp.

              Next, instead of declaring "cutting out grains!!"...start planning more meals that don't include bread or pasta -- meat & salad, eggs & bacon, soups, stews. Get used to eating meals that aren't based around grains. Small amounts of potatoes and rice are fine while transitioning. (I find that most people have no problem limiting these, they don't seem as addictive as bread).

              If she eats dairy, then switch to full fat versions of all the things she likes.

              Next thing to cut out would be corn and soy in all forms. This will require some serious ingredient list reading, but cutting out wheat, soy and corn will eliminate almost all boxed, convenience foods.
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                Hey Sandra, I wanted to say hello again and thanks for the comments, Sandra and Pam. I'm terrible at meeting people halfway alot of the time, and these are great suggestions, along with hedonist's, for doing that. Will keep this in mind! Starting with focus on better breakfast, and encouraging butter use. My grandmas both always used a lot of butter, unlike my mom, and want to at least say thanks for that!


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                  Maybe concentrate on the primal things she already likes. If she can increase those and decrease the nonprimal things, it's a start.

                  Also, if she's carrying around 30 extra pounds, maybe don't push the fat thing. If she's eating meat, dairy, and butter, she's getting fat, plus she has some to draw from. Some women don't do well on the 70% fat thing. As long as she's not doing the CW nonfat way of life, she'll get fat in her foods.

                  Kudos to you for helping Grandma! I loved mine to pieces.
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                    A "gateway" book to Primal for older folks can often by Wheat Belly because it is showing that modern day wheat is a franken-food.

                    The way I got my Dad interested in Primal was because the meals I cooked were similar to what he remembered as a child, whole foods, prepared at home, no additives, etc.

                    When he tasted my grass fed meat his first comment was, "This tastes like beef used to taste when I was a kid."


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                      Thanks guys! This is awesome. Going to give her a call this weekend.


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                        At 75 I just started whole hog, and had 'carb flu' for a week. That was OK for me, maybe not for her.

                        2 documentaries helped me along, King Corn, and I can't remember the other, but it had to do with modern farming. Wheat Belly is a good suggestion. King Corn points out that the corn grown today is poisonous to man and animal. It has to be soaked in sulfuric Oxide to break it down at the beginning of processing. SO2 is also poisonous and an immediate killer taken straight.

                        When she and I were young, we both ate butter. But when I started PB after I bought the butter and started to use it the first time, it wasn't as easy as I thought. I wondered if I really, really wanted to do this.

                        PB is a very easy read, but a little dull. give her a copy but don't press completion.

                        How is she with dairy. If she can, she'll love cream, butter and all the great things she eat when she was young.
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                          Thanks guys... yeah I think that these are great directions. 1. documentaries on how grains (incl. corn) are processed now are a great idea, especially because my grandma grew up on a wheat and barley homestead (thanks for and 2. encouraging butter, dairy, etc. familiar things (she also loooves liver, and helped me to not have the usual SAD reaction to it).


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                            she'll get fat in her foods.


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                              My mom's taken to Primal like a tiger to water! I was concerned that she wouldn't like the whole high-fat thing, as she has been a low-cal/low-fat thinker for years and years. But as long as it's a whole food, not deep-fried, it seems like she's good! She seems to have given up grains (which was pretty much I think just sandwich bread) pretty much cold-turkey.

                              Unfortunately I had to enjoy the liver cooked in bacon fat just with Grandma .