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free online class on food production, (Johns Hopkins)

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  • free online class on food production, (Johns Hopkins)

    For anyone interested there is a good free online course: An Introduction to the US Food System, available through It started about a week ago but I think you can still sign up. It is offered through the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. (not sure if link will work without login, but you can access the page through

    So far for me it has been interesting to learn about global food and water consumption trends. Also to gain perspective on how food choices affect not only our health but the health of the global eco system. The first week's lectures have been a bit depressing, realizing just how many resources have been wasted and that we continue to damage the earth's potential to provide sustenance for a growing population. However the topics do shift to include possible changes and adaptations that will allow for sustainable food production.

    Thought that a good bit of the crowd here might really enjoy this opportunity, and wanted to pass it on. It would likely require 3-4 hrs/week to watch the posted lectures and then to get through the readings.