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  • PIF: Primal Blueprint Book

    Couple days away from the 3 month mark on my PB [hopefully lifetime] voyage. To mark the occasion and, in some small way, to give something back for all the fantastic tips, help and information Ive gotten from the MDA and this forum, Id like to do a PIF of a copy of The Primal Blueprint (it's brand new one of the copies I picked up on the Amazon promotion last month), preferably to someone who doesn't already have the book.

    To make this a little bit of a challenge (can't forget Law #10 ), the book PIF will go to the first person who sends me a PM correctly guessing the name of my horse (the one in my avatar pic). I guarantee there is a clue on this page that youre looking at right now!

    Note: while Im going to pick up the shipping & mailing cost of the book to anywhere in the US or Canada as part of the PIF, anywhere else the recipient would have to be willing and able to pick up the shipping cost.

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    Book is claimed -- mayness won it by correctly guessing "Schadow"!