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Dehydrator recommendations for a UK primalite!

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  • Dehydrator recommendations for a UK primalite!

    Hi Everyone

    I'm really wanting to get a dehydrator - beef jerky is kind of hard to get hold of in the UK and the ones I have seen don't have very nice ingridients in. Also my kids love the Goodies fruit bars for kids but they're getting smaller and more expensive (grrrr!) so I thought I could have a go at making some for them instead!

    I've seen a few recommendations for Nesco dehydrators on some paleo/primal sites but they only seem to be available in the US. Does anyone have any recommendations for UK available ones? I've noticed the prices vary wildly, so would be looking for a lower end of the price bracket one if possible!


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    Iv'e been looking into this as well, Excalibur dehydrators are apparently reputable, and are available on Amazon UK, they are pricey though, your talking 150+. There are a few cheaper ones although I am not sure of their efficacy.


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      I've had an Excalibur for years, the one with 9 trays and a timer. I love it!
      No problems ever, and it can handle a ton of stuff at a time and dries pretty evenly. I still prefer to move trays around if I'm home while it's in use, but you can also set it and go to work or bed and have things dry just fine.
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        Yup - the Excalibur. Just like the Vitamix blender, you will take out a loan to get one, but this is one product where you totally get what you paid for it.
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