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Precision Trainers for Parkour/MovNat

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  • Precision Trainers for Parkour/MovNat

    i have begun to build precision trainers to be used in the practice of parkour, MovNat and various other things. i build them using a design that i found on check it out...

    Wooden precision trainer build - STURDY

    non-traceurs can use them to do ankle exercises and step-ups in the comfort of their home. since i know of no competitors, i intend to create a start-up in which i will build and sell these. that said, i am looking for some people who are interested in having one of these. i will build and give it to you pro bono, and you will give me feedback and answer some of my questions; essentially, you will be involved in my Customer Development process, helping me learn about my Value Propositions and find the best Product-Market Fit.

    i am in Houston, TX and I will ship the item to wherever if the desire so necessitates it.

    who wants one???