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12 days and weight loss stopped



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    It takes time, but there is no better way to do it. Paleo is supported by logic, history and research. Trademarked diets and meds are just about making shareholders rich. Hang in there!

    I transitioned to paleo over 6 months. I read labels, read books, thought about what I had read, read more, collected good recipies. tried different macro ratios. Then, when I was ready to do it it came naturally. Don't beat yourself up over the occasional cheat.

    Make sure to steer clear of the stuff that makes you feel bad. For me it's wheat, I avoided it from day one. The rest I worked out along the way.

    Eat proper meals, it sounds like you eat too little if you are hungry in between meals. Eat really nutricious stuff like kale, parsley, liver, fatty fish, berries and top it with some starch like sweet potato. After I eat stuff like that I don't have any cravings.

    Having at least 20g of protein in the morning is something that many people found helpful. It sets you up hormonally for the day. You can do it easily with a can of tuna, or go crazy with the eggs - like four of them, or three + bacon.

    About the carbs and fruit: Fruit is okay for the vitamins but at least for me it does nothing. I don't feel like I ate anything and then I just want more. But when I add some starch to my meals (usually sweet potato or potato) I feel great. I don't feel tired or cold and have the energy to work out.

    If you want to accelerate the weight loss you could try intermittent fasting (IF). But beware of symptoms, if you don't feel good then stop. IF means you fast for a bit every now and then, like one day a week or for 15hours a couple of times a week. I do it ever so often, I just skip breakfast and go until lunch and sometimes until dinner. Feels great for me, not to have to think about food all the time. Mind that I eat a lot when I stop fasting, the same amount that I would have on a normal day. So I basically have three meals at night on the fasting days..
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      Thanks everyone for the support! I can see some changes already, mainly in my behavior towards food and specially whenever I cheated. I feel mentally stronger now and more ready to do this, as m2306 said. When you give up on bad food, there's a part of you that tells you that you need that, you can't live without it. So I think it's a process, some take longer than others, but I'll get there!


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        It's totally a process! I would consider myself Paleo/Primal for the last 2 years, but it ebbs and flows. What works right now for weight loss may not work in 2 months. I constantly have to shake things up every 2-3 months. I have lost over 50 lbs. this year and now that I'm getting closer to my goal weight, the weight loss is going at a snail's pace. I do a cheat meal once per week on Saturday mornings, and it seemed to help me lose for the last several weeks. I was strength training 2-3 days per week for months and eventually, I stopped losing weight. I took a 5 week break and started losing, again, immediately. I'm just getting back to the weights again, as of last week to shake things back up. Sometimes I have counted carbs (never going below 80g), but for now, I let myself eat as many (or little) carbs as I crave and that also helped me bust out of a plateau.

        What you are going through now, is just the beginning. The first 3-4 weeks are rough and your mind tries to tell you to go back to eating crap food because your body is literally addicted to it. Hang in there, it gets better and better!
        I'm a 5'-6" tall female.

        SW: 212.4 lbs. February 14, 2013 (My second baby was born)
        CW:166.4 lbs.
        GW: 143 lbs.

        Just keep going.

        New goal:

        Get back to 80-90% Primal and back down to my lowest recent weight of 158 lbs. while doing as much moving and strength training as I can get in.


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          I've been doing this almost 4 years. When I first started Primal, I ate too many nuts and gained a few pounds, then I discovered how to cook meat. By starting every meal with a pound or so of meat (heart, fish, anything that was animal) and 4 to 8 eggs, I feel satisfied and full for most of a day, and only need a few accessory foods to augment nutrition and add flavor. That lets my body eat less while maintaining muscle and burning fat.

          One reason I love the steak and eggs protocol is that it is very adaptable, specifically the carb-ups. In the short term, it's a fat blasting good time. But in the long haul, it's a great model for actual eating, a sort of baseline that we can all fluff different ways to suit our needs.

          But before I realized it was safe to eat pounds of meat at a time, I stayed chubby trying to get my calories from carby and fatty plant foods and was always overshooting the calories - to get enough protein. Your (my) body will let you (me) eat a train car full of spinach to get the 150 grams of protein out of it! Or an entire gallon of yogurt. Protein is the driving force behind my hunger, and now that I know that, BAM - solved.

          Sometimes for periods of time I eat too many carbs (ahem, 1/2 price local A2 grass-fed yogurt, you devil) and I don't lower my fat intake, and then I put a few pounds on (because of total caloric excess, not metabolic magic of any kind, mind you!), but I know how to drop those pounds now so I don't worry about it. I like to lean out for summer to see my abs again and put those ten pounds back on over the holidays.

          The protein should give you energy you've been missing, but do try sweet potatoes, cupfulls of berries, and remember to eat QUANTITIES of these foods. If you restrict food groups, you sure as hell can't afford to restrict food volume. Eat the meat first and chase it with as much nutritious plant food as you can, that's the general habit of people who do this successfully. Are there fruit-pounding outliers? Yes, and good for them for finding what works. I prefer to stay lower carb most of the time and cycle through carby times.

          Try different macro ratios daily for a week at a time and see what fits best.
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          Crohn's, doing SCD


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            Thank you everyone for the support!
            I'm not giving up. For the third time maybe, I'm on the sixth day 100% paleo. As it's not my first attempt, I can see a total different level of difficulty, I guess it's getting easier and easier. I hope I can keep up with it this time!
            I've been tracking my nutrition down with My Fitness Pal and think it'll help. But do you guys now what you be a good percentage of fat, protein and carbs intake? I've been doing an average of 50% fat, 25% protein and 25% carbs naturally, not on purpose. But I'd like to know if that's correct in general paleo terms and it that will help me lose weight or if I need to change anything. Can't seem to find that kind of information.


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              your meat at lunch is pretty big.


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                morning but it didn't feel good...


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                  checking the post


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